It's All Good in the Hood

Things are perfect at the Brazil MTC! 

We're halfway done and while I love this place, I'm excited it's getting closer. I love this language even if I can't really speak it. It's so fun to teach investigators even if they're fake. The food here is wild. I haven't really known what anything I've eaten is. Top of the list include banana pizza and corn pudding. Sometimes they make American food but it's always so off that it's funny. 

One of my favorite parts about the MTC is talking with the Brazilians. It helps the language so much and they're so nice. They love learning English so I've taught them all kinds of stuff this week including "It's all good in the hood", "Risk it for the biscuit", and "what's shakin' bacon?". I guess it's really catching on because an elder in another district told me that a Brazilian asked him if he risks it for the biscuit. I have also learned quite a bit of Portuguese slang (I was taking my turn being an investigator last week and when they asked me how I was doing I said the phrase "tranquilo no esquilo" which means calm as a squirrel and the missionary teaching me lost it"). 

Fourth of July was great! Of the 200 missionaries here about 40 are Americans. We all wore read white and blue, we sang the national anthem 3 times, and the staff decorated the cafeteria with American flags. They even made American food! We had nuggets, fries, and a huge ice cream bar with waffle bowls! America truly is the best country so it was fun being so proud all day. My district also blew up red and blue balloons the night before and put them all over our classroom. We didn't even have to take them down until after lunch! 

This week I read Nephi's Psalms in 2 Nephi 4: 15-35. I especially love verse 30- "Rejoice, O my heart, and cry unto the Lord, and say: O Lord, I will praise thee forever; yea, and my soul will rejoice in thee, my God, and the rock of my salvation". How can we not want to rejoice when the Lord has done so much for us? I LOVE this gospel and I feel so blessed that God has given me this opportunity to share it with my brothers and sisters in Brazil. I can't wait to really get out there work!

love you all!
Sister Gruwell

PS The best part about the Brazil MTC is we can go outside! We get one day off every week were we go to the temple and then walk around the outside of the mtc through all the shops and stuff nearby. We also got to go proselyting this week! They just took us to a busy street downtown Sao Paoulo and let us loose. Usually we'll have Book of Mormons to hand out, but they shipment hand't come in so we didn't have anything! Sister Borrelli and I just talked to people and got 7 filled out information sheets! It was great. 

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